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International assignments will increase 50% by 2020.

Expatriate Employees

Working and living abroad is on the rise as multinational companies work hard to maintain global competitiveness.

Digital Platform

Financial Dots introduces a digital platform that works parallel to an employee benefits system. We provide essential tailor-made services that the traditional expat could only find outside the workplace.

This highly sophisticated, mobile workforce struggles with managing financial accounts and investments:

In multiple jurisdictions
Across multiple currencies
Located in different tax & regulatory environments
That move with them

Expatriate assignments are known to be an expensive endeavor for any company — sometimes costing more than 3x a person’s total compensation for the year.

Corporate HR

Costs are high to maintain these global professionals given the tailored and integrated services they require. Financial Dots aims to improve the services employees receive while reducing costs.

Financial Dots

Platform combines leading FinTech products to simplify cross-border financial and legal decision-making for expat employees by unifying their multinational accounts and connecting them to advisors and services that specialize in global life management .

Your international workforce can improve their financial health and make the best life-planning decisions by:

Aggregating International Accounts
Accessing Cross-border Experts
Simplifying Tax Filing
Optimizing Multinational Investments
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Access a network of cross-border financial and legal experts

Get financial advice, tax and legal services, and life planning products tailored specifically for expatriate and international professionals.

Aggregate International Accounts

With a consolidated view of their financial situations, global professionals and expat clients can create a roadmap for financial health based on their aggregated account and tax information.

Simplify Tax Filing

Expedite the time-consuming process of understanding, preparing, and filing taxes in multiple countries. Have confidence knowing they are compliant with both local and U.S. tax authorities.
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Optimize Multinational Investments

Certain investments work better for specific nationalities. Identify personalized investment opportunities tailored to their location in the world.

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