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Expatriates and Global Citizens

working and living abroad is on the rise as multinational companies fight to maintain global competitiveness and people look to enhance life experiences. These individuals and families establish complicated financial, legal, and life planning footholds.


Household Affairs are Extremely Fragmented


Cross-Border Financial Advice is Limited


Multiple Tax & Regulatory Requirements

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Need to Institute Legal Documentation in Country of Residence

Financial Dots

introduces a hybrid platform of technology solutions along with a personalized service to elevate your financial and life management


Optimize Your Financial and Life Management Decisions Through Financial Dots by:

With a consolidated view of your financial situation and connection to over 20k accounts globally, view your net worth as it changes


Our taxes can be simple, standard or complex. We might have personal and business taxes to file. Find the right service so you pay the right price for what you need.


Certain investments work better for specific nationalities. Identify personalized investment opportunities tailored to your location.


Its important that we have the right documents in place to mitigate risk and ensure security for our families.


Improve investment decision making and tax compliance by securely sharing your financial dashboard with your Financial Advisors or Accountants.


These services are tailor-made for you based on your individual profile.


Our clients tend to have complex situations where generalist advice is inappropriate. We have built a network of specialists to ensure you receive the best tailor-made solutions.



£35 (inclusive VAT)
$45 (pre sales tax)
£355 (inclusive VAT)
$398 (pre sales tax)


  • Access to over 20,000 Financial Institutions Globally
  • Auto-updated holistic view of your net worth
  • Introductions to best-in-class cross-border service providers
  • Secure data sharing with your accountant or financial advisor
  • Tailor-made services based on individuals profile
  • Curated alerts and content on cross-border topics

Additional costs

  • Procured legal documentation
  • Accounting services

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